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Rules of the game Svara ( Svarka )Svara ( Svarka ) is a card game that is played with a deck of 32cards - from 7 to Ace . The minimum number of players is two . Thetotal number of combinations in the game is 4960Rules-------------Each player is dealt three cards in a clockwise direction . Eachcard combination has a specific numerical value. Winner is theplayer with highest points.The value of the points is calculated by the following rules:1) Each card from 7 to 9 give 7 to 9 points respectivly.2 ) The cards 10 , J, Q, K and give 10 points.3 ) Aces give 11 points .4 ) The cards of the same color have as many points as their sum .For instance :Q ♦, K ♦ 10 ♠ give a total of 20 points and 10 ♠, 8 ♠ K ♥ give atotal of 18 points ;5 ) Aces can be combined regardless of the color that is to say twoace are 22 points , three are 33 points6) 7 ♣ is called " Ceco Jonchev , Chechak , Chotora , Shpoka orYoncho " and can be combined with all other cards for 11 points.8 ) Three of a 7 gives 34 points and this is the strongestcombination in the game.9) Three of a kind combinations are carrying as many points as thelead card. For example , three of 8 bring 24 copies / 3x8 = 24 / :three of Q give 30 points / 3x10 = 30 / etcexamples--------------7 ♥, 9 ♦ 9 ♣ give a total of 9 points (this is the worst hand );10 ♠, 10 ♦ 10 ♣ give a total of 30 points ;8 ♣, K ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points ;K ♥, 9 ♥ Q ♣ give a total of 19 points ;Q ♣, Q ♥ 9 ♦ give a total of 10 points ;A ♠, A ♦ 10 ♣ givea total of 22 points ;8 ♠, A ♦ 7 ♣ givea total of 22 points ;10 ♦, 9 ♦ J ♦ give a total of 29 points ;Q ♣, Q ♥ Q ♦ give a total of 30 points ;7 ♣, K ♥ K ♦ give a total of 31 points ;7 ♣, A ♥ A ♦ give a total of 33 points ;Two of 7 no matter the suits give a total of 23 points ;Betting--------------1 ) Before the cards are dealt to the players each player bets acertain amount called ante;2 ) Player that is located left to the dealer make his anounces.Before seeing his cards he is allowed to bet a certain amountcalled blind bet;3 ) If a player make a blind bet, the next player to his left hasthe option to double the blind bet;4 ) If a player skips the blind bet the next player is not allowedto make new blind bet;(Blind bets are optional)5 ) After the cards are dealt to the players they make theirbets;6 ) If there is a blind bet, the next player should at least doublethe bet;7 ) If the player that made the blind bet wnats to see the cards ofthe other players he must pay the bet.8 ) If there is a blind bet and no one pay it, the winner is theplayer that made the last blind bet;9 ) The game wins the players with highest points;10 ) If there is no blind bet and no other player makes a bet thewinner is the dealer;11) If two or more players have the same number of points we haveSVARA;12) SVARA is a new game that includes all the bets from theprevious game;13) Any player is allowed to join the SVARA after he pay the SVARAjoin amount.
Play Santase Online with your friends. Santase(or Sixty six) is very popular card game for two players. The goalof the game is to be the first player to score 66 points. ifneither player scores 66 points, the player who take the final cardwins. In the game we have only 24 cards ( from 9's to Aces) . Eachplayer get six cards and we flip over one card which is the trumpsuitePlayingOne player plays a card, then the other player plays a card. Highcard of the same suit takes the cards. Aces are high.Alternatively, any card of the trump suit takes any card of anothersuit.Each player then draws one card from the remaining cards in thedeck. Winner draws first.Kings and QueensIf you have the king and queen of the same suit, you may show itand score 20 points. King and queen of the trump suit scores 40.You may only do this if you are leading the turn (laying downfirst). Do it at the start of your turn. Leave the queen down andtake back the king.Exchanging the 9If you have the 9 of the trump suit in your hand you may exchangeit for the displayed trump card. But only if you are leading theturn, and only at the start of your turn.The Run-offOnce no more cards are available in the deck, play proceeds alittle differently. The player who won the last hand lays downfirst. If the other player has a card of the same suit they mustplay it. If they do not, they must play a card from the trump suitif they have one. As before, play continues until one player scores66 points or more, or all cards have been taken.Card ScoringIn Santase, cards have the following values. Note that a ten ismore powerful than a jack, queen or king. In other words, a tentakes a jack, queen or king.9's = 0 pointsJ = 2 pointsQ = 3 pointsK = 4 points10's = 10 pointsA = 11 pointsClosing the DeckAt any point in the game, provided there are at least 3 cardsremaining in the deck plus the displayed trump card, a player mayclose the deck. To do this, turn over the displayed trump card. Youmust do this at the start of your turn and you must be leading(laying down first). Then the game proceeds as in the "run-off".There is danger in this play. If the player who closed does notscore 66 points, the other player scores 3 points for thewin.Game ScoringThe player who wins the game scores one point. If the loser hasfewer than 31 points (30 or less), the winner scores two points. Ifthe loser has scored no points, the winner scores three.Games are played to any point value the players agree on.Typically, the first person to reach 11 points wins.