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Bubble Shooter Deluxe
Bubble Shooter is a deluxe shooting bubble game, For Free!Another classic bubble match-three game, but very easy to operate.key Features:1, Puzzle Mode - Up to 670 challenging levels, clear all thebubbles in limited time to level up.2, Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually , so you needto shooting quickly, to clear all the descending bubbles.3, VS CPU Mode - Yes, I believe you can't win.4, Other Hidden Shooting Bubble modes - need you to discoverit.
Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour
Kids can play Baby Hazel Dolphin Park game forfree.Hurray! There is a surprise holiday treat for Baby Hazel. Hazel andher family have flown to visit a Dolphin Park, to explore theamazing world of dolphins. Go along with them to interact withdolphins and enjoy spectacular show of these incredible creatures.Play with the dolphins and learn interesting facts about them. Havea blissful day with Baby Hazel and her family at the DolphinPark!
Ghiceste Logo-ul!
Aceasta este varianta in romana a celebrelor jocuri de recunoaste adiverselor branduri. Versiunea initiala vine cu 50 de logo-uri iarlista lor se va mari la fiecare update.KEYWORDS: romania, ghiceste brandul, happyface, happyfacedevs,cioraneanuThis isthe Romanian version of the famous game recognizes the differentbrands. The initial version comes with 50 logos and their list willincrease every update.KEYWORDS: romania, guess brand, happyface, happyfacedevs,cioraneanu
Rosa Princess Wedding
bxapps Studio
Hi all girls dream of the day when they willmarry, they dream that they would marry with a prince and they willbe led by their father to the altar. It is a dream and it is normalto make plans for the future. A marriage is beautiful but we mustnot forget the working behind the party and joy on their faces. Foreverything to be perfect people work and for this we need toappreciate them. Today you will be able to help our friend to getready for the wedding. She wants to be the most beautiful bride andonly through this game for children you will be able to help her.This game for girls with brides will help you have fun and sure youwill make a new friend.Princess is very nervous and please pay attention to all thedetails of this beauty game for girls.Good luck!- You'll meet the beautiful princess;- She is very nervous;- She wants to be the most beautiful and please pay attention tohow you will help her;- You'll have to do a facial treatment;- Apply an exfoliating gel to cleanse face of impurities;- Apply different mask to hydrate the skin;- Rinse with warm water after each application;- Apply two slices of cucumber on the skin around the eyes;- Remove stains on face;- Choose a suitable hairstyle;- Now you have to makeup her, apply: lipstick, powder for cheeks,eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow pencil and contact lenses;- Princess is very beautiful but now you have to choose the weddingdress, it must be wonderful;- Accessories are the most important;- Our friend is happy and ready to marry with her prince.Thank you for helping, you're the best friend of ours and pleasecome back every day through this makeover game with princesses.Have fun!
Blacksmith - Idle blacksmith
Have you ever imagined being a blacksmith?Would you succeed in this mission?Find the best strategy to become the richest blacksmith in thisgame. Click as fast as you can to get an extraordinary revenue.Develop the best strategy and be on the TOP of the leaderboard!In this game, you will be responsible for forging and enchantingyour own weapons and armors besides producing various magic itemssuch as rings, claws, robes and amulets. Keep your focus on thehuge variety of items produced, increase the revenue and you willbe able to get critical items that will bring rare and highperformance items.Moreover, acquiring the automation of the production process,you will see that your activities will progress even when you areoffline.Finally, complete all the achievements and become theBILLIONAIRE BLACKSMITH! Good luck, Mr. blacksmith!
Jumpy 1D for One Direction
1D Games Free - creating high quality freeunofficial games for One direction lovers!Do you love One Direction! Then you will love this game - Jumpy1D is simple, fun and addictive fan game. Collect and wear newclothes while skating with cool skateboard. Unlock Niall Horan ,Liam Payne ,Harry Styles , Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik and be aTRUE DIRECTIONER!Now with multiplayer mode!WARNING: GAME IS HARD!Follow us on Twitter: DISCLAIMER:App is for entertainment purposes only, a fan app, work ofart.All trademarks and copyrights are owned by their respective owners.This app is not endorsed by, or affiliated with One Direction / 1Dor their affiliated entities
Animal Sounds for Kids Lite
Product Features- Look at high-quality photos of animals- Touch the picture of any animal to hear the sound it makes- APP2SD- The game is optimized for Android phones and tablets.- Volume control from the volume buttonsProduct DescriptionThis cute and useful Android application includes high-qualityanimal photos and recorded sounds. Simply touch any animal's imageto hear the sound it makes. Slide your finger across a picture tomove on to the next or previous image.Please tell us about your experience, rate our app, and post acomment.If you have any questions, please email us.
MyBoy School ~ Otome Game ~
!!! PLEASE NOTE !!!Since the release of Android 4.3 some devices of the Nexus series(and possibly others) return the error "Package file invalid" oninstallation of various apps. Google stated having already found asolution. Should this issue happen with our app anyway, pleasecontact us under - there, wecan provide more information.Kind regards,your solvenga team--Experience the beginning of your individual love story.--- MYBOY SCHOOL ---The MyBoy series is a flirting game for girls. A whole world withthree individual stories awaits you. In every story one of ourthree main characters is featured.You are new at the school and you meet many classmates and sidecharacters. Among them, there are three special guys: Haruki, Kentaand the presi of the school. Now it's up to you, the affection ofwhich boy you'd like to earn. Get to know them and learn theirsecrets. Will you be able to win over their hearts?My Boy School – the manga-style dating sim game.--- ABOUT US ---We from Solvenga have made it our aim, to bring Otome Games in themanga style to Europe. We strive to keep the quality of our gamesas high as possible – this concerns their looks as well as thetexts and the translations.For more information about our games visit our website .
Virtual Villagers: Origins
**For the first time in HD, with sharpervillagers and full pinch-zoom!**Care for and nurture a tribe of little people by teaching them thebasics of survival. Fleeing from a volcano eruption, your littlevillagers find themselves stranded on a mysterious new island. Theyneed to become farmers, builders, scientists, parents and makedecisions about unpredictable ‘island events’! Guide theirday-to-day lives and help them explore and restore their new home.As your village grows and prospers, your villagers become curiousabout their mysterious new island home and the secrets it holds.HOW WILL YOU LEAD YOUR TRIBE?
Bubble Monkey Valentine's Day!
Special edition of Bubble Monkey forValentine’s Day!Bubble monkey Valentines is a special edition for Valenite's Day ofthe beloved bubble shooter game – Bubble monkey!Help Bubble Monkey shoot all the bubbles in the sky! Tap the screento shoot combinations of 3 or more bubbles in a row and blast themup! Clear all the bubbles to level up.In this Valentine's Day edition you'll enjoy TWENTY cool levels ofbubblicious fun. Bubble monkey is dressed up for the occasion andlooks better than ever! Enjoy the romantic atmosphere ofValentine's Day & send the game to your loved ones!Play this heart-touching Bubble Monkey version for FREE!Highlights:- 20 different levels of increasing challenges- Variety of missions to complete and win rewards- Special bonus levels
Flight Control Demo
Keep the skies safe in Flight Control, theinsanely addictive worldwide hit! It only takes a minute to learnbut you won’t be able to put it down. Guide aircraft to theirlanding zones but don’t let them collide! Sounds easy? You’ll needsmart strategy and keen eyes to alter flight paths as needed andkeep the chaos under control. Your travel itinerary is packed withmultiple airfields, 10 aircraft including jets and helicopters andstat-tracking. Pack your bags for addictive airline action!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -WHAT THE PRESS SAYS**148Apps 5/5: "…a terrific little game. It’s easy, fun for allages and addictive enough to keep you wanting more."**Touch Arcade: "…the winning balance of easy pick-up gameplay,ramping difficulty and tickling the need to try 'just one moretime'"- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Air traffic control is the world’s most stressful job, but not foryou. You don’t need heading angles, flight rules or meteorologicalreports, you’re a natural! A prodigy! A born controller!There are 5 unique airfields and 10 different aircraft,including planes, helicopters and military jets.• Earn your wings on the beloved original map that started itall!• Coast into a relaxing beachside resort and guide jets,helicopters and seaplanes safely towards their landing zones.• Take the helm of an aircraft carrier and command speedy militaryjets and helicopters.• Venture into the Australian Outback featuring an emergency airambulance plane that can’t be controlled.• Grab the reins in a snowy winter wonderland where drifting snowand a windsock show the prevailing wind direction. Keep an eye onthe wind! Runways will close and reopen accordingly.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -So welcome aboard, please sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoythe mayhem – buy Flight Control now!- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -**GET MORE GREAT NAMCO Android Games! **PAC-MAN, Ms. PAC-MAN, Crush the Castle, PAC-MAN ChampionshipEdition and more!
My Princess Fashion Salon
Welcome to "My Princess Fashion Dress Up Salon" ...Get a chance to do the most exciting face & eye makeover andspa for your beautiful fashion clients and make them feel like aprincess.ENJOY THE FUN WITH:=====================• Beautiful princess fashion girls• Lovely spa creams and massage for healthier look• Countless jewelry and makeup items for great combinations• Dress up with hair do, eye makeup, colorful lipsticks• Amazing dress up spa salon environmentLOVELY GAMEPLAY:===============• Easy tap and drag game play.• A free & simple make up spa salon girls, kids makeover dressup girls game• Kids friendly content• Share on facebook or save as wallpaper• Suitable for the whole familyJOIN US ON FACEBOOK AT free game contains ads.
The Cube
Do you have what it takes to beat the Cube? Tofind out, test your skills in this easy to pick up - hard to putdown - recreation of the smash hit TV show. Featuring 22* popularchallenges presented in a fully 3D environment, you too can feelwhat it's like inside the Cube.Hear the heart pounding music, effects and experience the voice ofthe Cube in Challenge Mode or hone your skills and compare yourstats with other users in Practice Mode.* 18 games are available in version 1.73 for older devices*** Support: Please install this game directly on to the phone /device main memory and not on to the SD card. This will generallysolve the install issues experienced by some users.
Little Farm
The little farm is a game about all theactivities that we find in any farm. This game is designedespecially for kids where they can learn and do differentactivities in a farm. Kids always love exploring and playing in thefarm with nature and lot of different animals. Now kids can managetheir own beautiful farms and grow their own fruits and take careof the animals . Now kids can pack up and settle down here, theywill totally become a real master of this rich farm land.features of the game:Numerous fantastic and fun tasksComplete all the different tasks in the farm as the owner of thefarmvarious tasks like milking the cow, collecting the eggs, pluckingthe mango etc.unlimited growing and harvesting of fruits and vegetables.Raise all the different animals.Share and invite your friends to play with you.
Egg for Pou
Discover what's hidden inside the egg! Tap,knock and smash on the egg until it's broken to bring your surpriseto life.Once you hatch the egg, you can start taking care of your new pet.You should take care of him by giving him nice hot baths, playingwith him and putting him to bed.More features, games and activities coming soon.Enjoy.
My Little City 2 : Match 3
Build your own grand city! In My little City 2 you can build thecity of your dreams! Become the Major of this great town andconstruct and upgrade your buildings, which will give you manydifferent perks! To gain the funds for construction you need to winmatch3 games. So lots of fun is guaranteed in this great lookinggame!*** Find out more about SOFTGAMES and upcoming FREE GAMES on ourFacebook page (we love it when you "like" us)! [LINK:] ***
Boy Games
Chuc MoEyes
Various kinds of Boy Games chosen meticulouslyare in one app.=======================Boy Games app you will find tons of boy games, boy games for littlekids, boy games free, boy games only car games, boy games free forboys that waiting for you to play online. You can enjoy all the BoyGames in one place. Is no longer a need to spend time trying tofind a good one. That has been ranked as the expert evaluation andranking in store.*** The game is not installed directly. You will be redirected toStore to install the game. ***
Bubble Blaze
Ready, aim, fire! Pop ’em and drop ’em in thisbubble-shooting extravaganza!Over 200 popping puzzles—with more added all the time—will have youbursting with excitement as you Aim, fire and tilt your way througha fun-filled adventure!Help Blaze and his dragon pup pals defeat the evil knightBlackheart and rescue the stolen dragon eggs that have beenscattered through the kingdom!• Lots of challenging bubble popping levels!• Match three or more bubbles to score!• Enjoy 3 exciting gameplay modes: Pop the Top, Beat the Clock, andHit the Egg!• Pop your way past tricky obstacles like Spiky, Mystery and Blitzbubbles!• Harness the power of magical boosts and charms to help you out ofbubble trouble!• Create awesome bubble-busting streaks to unleash showers ofsparkling jewels!• Gather glittering gems to send your score skyrocketing!• Challenge friends, beat their scores, share gifts and race acrossthe Bubble Blaze kingdom!Bubble Blaze is the thrilling bubble-popper game with millions ofplayers worldwide. Join the free fun today, and pop your way to thetop!Pop over to Facebook and Twitter for the latest news:Facebook/BubbleBlaze@BubbleBlazeGameDisclaimer:Bubble Blaze is free to download and play, but contains optionalin-app purchases that cost real money.© 2014 - 2016 Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Bubble Blaze is atrademark of Outplay Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Smoothie Swipe
Join the fun! Millions of people are alreadyplaying Smoothie Swipe, the juiciest puzzle game available. Connectfruit, trigger boosters, and swipe your way to success through morethan 400 levels.Go on a grand adventure as you move from island to island. Eachisland adds a new unique mechanic to the gameplay - there is alwayssomething new to challenge you!Compete with your friends on leaderboards and help each other outwith extra lives! Who will take the crown and become themaster?Smoothie Swipe is completely free to play, but some in-game itemssuch as extra gems can be bought as in-app purchases.Game features:- Swipe through the amazing puzzle gameplay that changes on everyisland!- 400+ levels so you never run out of something to play!- Join up with friends to challenge each other and see who will topthe leaderboards!- It's easy to sync your progress between multiple devices!- Win coins and use cool boosters to blast your way forward ondifficult levels!- Easy to play, but oh so hard to master!Join in the fun and play today! Your healthy smoothie addictionstarts here!Visit our fan page and like Smoothie Swipe on Facebook at: US: develops high quality casual games enjoyed bymillions of players all over the world. If you like Smoothie Swipe,you'll also love Tropical Twist, Baby Blocks, and Farms &Castles - check out our free match 3 puzzle games! Swipe, match,place, blast, swap, and smash your way through hundreds of excitinglevels. Play with your family and friends! Relax with the colorfulcasual puzzles to unwind. Enjoy the beautiful artwork, and visitnew locations every time we expand the games! It's like candy foryour brain - but with sweet healthy delicious fruit instead!
Talking Monkey
Talking Baby
**Talking Monkey repeats everything you saywith a funny voice.**Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Monkey. She isespecially fun for children of all ages.**Play with Monkey:- Talk to Monkey and she will repeat everything you say with afunny voice.- Ah! turn dizzy.- really sweet.- look at my dancing.- have a sleep.- It’s the taste of bananas.- Poke her head, Arm or feet.
Truth or Dare with Spin Bottle
Welcome to the original Truth or Dare game onAndroid! With over a thousand truths and dares - ranging fromclean, dirty, to super dirty - and the ability to create your owndares, you can play for hours and hours with your friends orsignificant other and never get bored! Perfect truth or dare appfor teens and adults.✰ Top 100 for over 4 years with 10 million+ downloads..thanks!Hot Features:✔ Hundreds of truths & dares✔ Add your own dares!✔ Take pictures and share with friends✔ Game can automatically speak dares using advancedtext-to-speech✔ Fully customizable✔ Play clean dares with friends✔ Or Make It Dirty (and sexy) with that special someone!There are so many ways our users play Truth or Dare!Hanging out with your friends and getting bored? Open up Truth orDare for an instant adventure and make your friends do someembarrassing dares!Do you love drinking games and party apps? Play this game and tellus how your party goes.From silly, fun, embarrassing dares to difficult and sexy dares,this game really has the best truth or dare questions. Especiallypopular on holidays like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve!Start the party with Truth or Dare!
Baby Hazel Hand Fracture
Play Baby Hazel Hand Fracture game for free.Get medical treatment to cure..Bad day for Baby Hazel! Darling Hazel has fractured her right handwhile climbing up a table. She needs an urgent orthopedic treatmentto heal the fracture. Can you be with little Hazel during her mostneedy time? Go along with her to the doctor to get the plasterdone. As she cannot move her hand, you need to fulfill her basicneeds at home such as bathing and feeding. Make sure little Hazelis well cared so that healing happens as quickly as possible.Play Baby Hazel Hand fracture game for free on Top Baby Gamesat: Baby Hazel Hand fracture game for free on Baby Hazel Gamesat: video of Baby Hazel Hand Fracture game on our YouTube channelat:
Thisissand is a unique playground for creatingand sharing amazing sandscapes."This is the perfect anti stress app for a mind with a creativeitch"Now you may also create your own Thisissand account to keep hold ofyour pieces and like others' creations.• Free to download and free to play (offers in-app purchases)• Does not display ads• Offers you to sign-up, but does not require you to• Offers you to purchase a Toolkit of special features, but doesnot require you to
Celebrity Spa - Girls Makeover
Who's ready to become a celebrity fashion designer? Celebrity SPA™-Girls Makeover is a spa and dress up app that lets you work withthe hottest styles in the fashion industry. Give celebrity modelsan amazing spa makeover from head to toe, then doll them up withfancy shoes, amazing makeup, and an incredible dress you design.When a celebrity walks into your spa, she wants only the best!Do you LOVE FASHION? LOVE shoes? What about gorgeous make up?Want to have a huge fancy dress collection? Then this spa salon,fashion design game is just perfect for you!Beautiful celebrities pay a lot of attention to fashion andmakeup. Design an amazing spa treatment for each model as youpurify her skin, give her a new hairstyle, and choose the bestlipstick and blush to complement her features. Once the bodymakeover is complete, pick out a sexy dress to make your star shineeven brighter. Don't forget the shoes!Features:- Run your own fashion spa complete with makeover and hairstylerooms.- Dress up models with the top fashions fit for a star.- Design and create new hairstyles and hairdos!- Browse the shoe collection! So many heels to choose from!!!- A big range of beautiful make up colors and items for you to useand try out!- Choose from a wide variety of makeup and skin treatments.How to Play:- Use the touch screen to choose a model to makeover.- Change their hair, apply makeup, give them skin treatments.- Design a hot outfit with a dress, jewelry and gorgeous shoes!We want to hear your voice!Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on official website:
Avatar Factory
Wanna design a brand new cartoon or animationcharacter of your own, this is the right game you are looking for.In this application, there are rich libraries of different eyes,eyebrows, mouths, hair styles of your desired color, beautifulclothes, accessories and pets. Under your fingertip control, youcan create your favorite characters freely. Moverover, you can alsoshare these figures with your friends.Come and experience the fun of Avatar and share with your friends!You won't be disappointed !
Happy Jump Candy
Tiny Spider
Happy Jump Candy! In this happy jumper game,make our super cute alien-monster friends collect candy and crushbad monsters and reach out the space!Features:Special Items, including magnet, jetpack, springboots and evenmore!!Shop to buy cool and cute stuff!Multiple platform typesAmazing sky effect, gets dark while you climb!!ScoreboardAnd a lot more!
Magic Belles: Magic Music
Luma Creative
Magic Belles, the much-loved musical fairies from,have now fluttered their way onto your Android device!"A brand new app to entertain the kids; Magic Belles is thesweetest thing this side of Christmas. App of the week." - The GoodWeb GuideOne of the "20 best Android Apps this Week" - The Guardian"We're very impressed." One of the "Top 30 Apps in September2012" - Stuart Dredge, Apps Playground"An engaging application that should keep young childreninterested in playing with music" - Kevin Makice,"One thing is certain: Magic Belles will enchant little girls.5/5." - Editor's Favorite, 86/100Welcome to the world of the Magic Belles, six magical, musicalfairies who look after life’s special wonders – from colourfulrainbows to beautiful flowers. Each Magic Belle has her own uniquejingle and, when they come together, they make a magical, musicalsymphony.In this free version, drag one or more of the Magic Belles ontothe stars on the podium and tap the play button to hear theirbeautiful jingly music. Drag all six Magic Belles onto the stars tobe rewarded with a magical, musical symphony!The fabulous Full Version is available with six more mini games.Each one follows the adventures of one of the Magic Belles, andcomes packed with rich interactivity, hidden treasures, brightcolours and amazing sounds to keep little fingers and minds fullyoccupied. Play along with your children, or let them discover theworld of Magic Belles for themselves. Whether it’s joining upmelodic numbers with Star Belle, watering magical flowers withFlower Belle or creating musical rainbows with Rainbow Belle, theenchanting new world of Magic Belles will continue to surprise anddelight all children who fall under its spell!FEATURES•A fantastic way to introduce your child to the world ofmusic•Choose from seven magical fairy mini games•Rich interactivity - music, animations and loads of items totouch•Discover extras like cheeky mice, cute bunnies, jumpingfrogsand kissing lovebirds•Make a special Magic Music symphony with all six MagicBelles•Designed for children aged 3 - 6Keep up to date with Magic Belles at http://www.magicbelles.comFollow us on Twitter: @magicbellesLike us on Facebook: www.facebook/com/magicbellesPlease do share your review!ABOUT LUMA CREATIVELuma Creative has a track record for creating brilliant brands andclever content for digital and print. The Magic Belles are our wayof bringing wholesome fun, wonder, magic and music to the world.Find out more at and any technical issues, please contact us at
Fishing Free Kids Game
Broad Land
Simple and fun kids puzzle game!Introduction✬ Quickly find the fish, and tap it to catch it.✬ This game is a game designed for players of all ages to exercisethe brain response capability. Players can enjoy the game, there isno time limit.Game features:✓ Fishing Free Kids Game is a puzzle games for kids, children,baby.✓ High quality HD graphics. Tablet PC can also be used.✓ Provide the ranking of countries in the world, while alsoproviding the highest world ranking (SCORELOOP). You can also viewfriend's scores and rankings, to compete with them!✓ Best suitable for family, friends, and the kids play with FishingFree Kids Game.✓ Improve children's memory capacity, and ability to concentrate.The development of children's cognitive skills, and improve thelevel of education.✓ Fishing Free Kids Game can be good exercise the brain'sability.✓ Pretty cute game pictures, interesting and rich gamecontent.✓ Relax music will make you feel very relaxed and happy, andenjoyable leisure time.★ Communication  If you enjoy it, please take a moment to rate it.Itwould help us a lot.Thank you for your support!