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Ninja VS Piraten 1.11.4
Anleitung: Eine unbekannte dunkle Macht, ein unerwarteter Kampf,bricht die Balance der Animationswelt ab. Die Parallele Welten ausunterschiedlichen Manga sind gezwungen zusammenzustoßen. BeschwörenSie Ihre Gesellen und kämpfen Sie mit unseren Superhelden zusammen,um die Frieden zurück zur Welt bringen.Features:☆Niedliche und HD dynamische Animation.☆Sammlung der varianten Superhelden.☆Mächtige Ultimative Skill einfach mit Finger Klickauszulösen.☆Arena, Boss Fight, und täglich variante von Events.☆Dauerhafte Update in Folge. Damit Sie sich niemals langweiligfühlen.Instructions: An unknown dark power, an unexpected battle, cancelsthe balance of the animation world. The parallel worlds arecolliding from different manga forced. Summon your companions andfight together with our super hero to bring the peace back to theworld.Features:☆ Cute and HD dynamic animation.☆ collection of variant superhero.☆ Powerful Ultimate Skill simple click of trigger finger.☆ Arena, Boss Fight, and daily variation of events.☆ Durable update in sequence. So you never feel boring.
League of Emperors 1.0.6
The World first strategy & fighting game is coming. "League ofEmperors", combining with elements of RPG and Card Game. Brings theultimate visual effects and operating experiences. You can join theEpic battle, fighting against the evil gods with the legendaryemperors and many heroes in history. Much more events and surprisesare waiting for you, Download it Now !League of Emperors will be formally launched on June 12, let'sfight and rise to be the Emperors!Follow us on facebook : https://www.facebook.com/leagueofemperorsContact us :loe@o4games.com
Knight Saga: Sword & Fire
Knight Saga : Sword & Fire":The mostpopular open your Knight legend,login to get 1999 diamond forfree,beauty and the handsome at your disposal and Recharging anyamount gold to gain 5 stars hero ,exquisite picture,touching anddeserving a song,traditional RPG mix with classical tower defense.Are you ready to open your journey of Knight ,if so, download fromhere to be yourself on the road to Knight.Features:1. New generation ARPG mobile game, subversive old operationstyle.2. Free gifts, online gifts, free diamonds after login, 5 starhero, many gifts help on your adventure.3. 5 classes : Warrior, Knight, Archer, Mage, Priest, choose yourline up freely !4. No more auto battle, use your fingertip, fight for the win!5. Over 100 fetter relationship, and exclusive gears match yourheroes !6. PVP, PVE easy play makes you can't even stop !7. Brilliant skill with perfect display, single attack and massiveAOE, you shall enjoy the shows...Follow us on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Knight-Saga-Sword-Fire/855495984544957Contact us : knight@o4games.com
三國殺-點點英雄 1.1.5
☆☆☆☆ 遊戲簡介 ☆☆☆☆三國殺,點擊動作和全新策略引擎完美結合,引爆視覺盛宴的新一代三國動作手游鉅作!你的英雄夢,酣暢淋漓實現!集耀眼名將,弱勝強玩策略,領略智慧驚喜!點擊攻擊,挖掘聘請英雄。點擊激活毀滅性戰鬥技能,組團PK,抵抗異族,英雄你最強!擊殺BOSS,前往新的關卡和招募新的英雄加入你的冒險!來吧,《三國殺-點點英雄》!☆☆☆☆ 特徵☆☆☆☆- 炫麗的戰鬥系統- 具有不同技能的數十款三國英雄- 快速點擊,更多的寶藏!- 海量領取免費綠寶石- 成就解鎖,大禮無拿到手軟- 无限關卡的游戏- 只有想不到的金錢,沒有拿不過來的金錢- 召唤寶物,以提高你的武器和技能Email:dian@o4games.comThe game ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆Three killed, click on the action and the perfect combination of anew policy engine and detonated a new generation of hand travelgiant Three action visual feast! Your hero dream, hearty achieve!Set dazzling star, weak and strong play to win strategy, a taste ofthe wisdom of surprise! Click to attack, digging hire heroes. Clickto activate devastating fighting skills, group PK, resist alien,you are the strongest hero! Kill BOSS, go to new levels andrecruiting new hero to join your adventure!Come on, "Three killed - little hero"!Characteristics ☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆  - Behind the combat system  - Dozens of three heroes with different skills  - Quick click, more treasures!  - Massive receive free Emerald  - Achievements to unlock, no gift to get soft  - Unlimited levels of the game  - Just think of the money, did not take the money, butto  - Summon treasure to improve your weapons andskillsEmail: dian@o4games.com
Legends Charge 1.0.12
Legends Charge is a AFK-type competive mobilegame, includes dozens of classical champions, well-designed skillsand talent, competitive ranking system, and unique BUFF system.Just take time to indulge!
Zombie Avengers 1.1.35
Zombie virus spread around the worldovernight, the world has become a living hell, Super Heroesinfected and turned as well. Dr.Banner (Nuclear Physicist)unexpectedly immune Zombie Virus, he built a save base undergroundfor researching the Cure, and save the world.Human ,There is only the war, even if you get killed,just walk itoff!Avengers member:Anubis,Lara,Captain Loli,Dante,IronMan,Kratos,ODA,Einstein,Cleopatra,T-800.
封神仙俠傳 - 薑子牙 斬妖伏魔 2.3.131