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My Food Intolerance List
Do you suffer from lactose, fructose,histamine, gluten, sorbitol or salicylic acid intolerance? Or doyou even have several of them? No problem! With ALL i CAN EAT youhave all your food intolerances under control.ALL i CAN EAT adjusts to your individual intolerances andcalculates your compatibility for each food. The compatibilitiesare displayed in a simple traffic light system, ranging from green(very well tolerated) to yellow and orange up to red (bad idea toeat). If a recommendation does not apply to you, you can easilysave your individual tolerance for the food concerned.Search quickly for a specific food, browse certain categories suchas beverages, fruits, dairy products, etc. or filter compatibilitesby color. In addition, ALL i CAN EAT does also provide many detailssuch as the amounts of lactose, fructose, glucose, histamine,sorbitol, salicylic acid, amines, amino acids, etc. And in case youshould miss a food, you can add it easily.You will never have to search various lists again or learn anynumbers by heart! With ALL i CAN EAT you manage all your foodintolerances in one place.
PUMPR - Training Journal 1.0.5
Pumpr is your perfect workout companion.Create your own workouts and add exercises to them. Keep track ofyour exercises’ sets, reps and weights. The exercises of a workoutcan easily be rearranged or edited.Display your progress in a graph. Additionally, you can easilycreate custom statistics and keep track of your body weight,upper-arm circumference or whatever you like.You'll never want to pump without Pumpr again.