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Business Dictionary
BusinessDictionary is a free easy-to-use FREEbusiness glossary with over 30,000 definitions that span acrosscritical business-related topics including entrepreneurship,management, small business, economics, human resources, recruiting,and corporate strategy. It's concise, clear, andcomprehensive.- Learn about related definitions, popular business definitions,and how to use business dictionary terms in a sentence- Access definition offline and on-the-go- Create and share flashcards to brush up on your businessvocabulary
FlashCards BusinessDictionary 1.0
Cramming for tests in never fun, but FlashCards can save you time and make the process less tedious. This isa free app that allows you to create your own deck in a matter ofseconds. Download Flash Cards today and access your decks anytime,anywhere, on any device.- Create and customize your decks on the go, online and offline.No pen or paper is necessary.- Explore numerous pre-set decks powered by Business Dictionary andits 27,000 definitions. Business, finance, investing, IT, andmarketing are just a tap away.- Keep your decks private or share them with the rest of community,it’s up to you.- Use one login to access both the Flash Cards app and website. Allchanges will be saved automatically.- Go paperless! As an added benefit, other people won’t be able tosee coffee and pizza stains anymore.
Dictionary Central 1.2
WFI Android is the easy-to-use free glossary with over300,000 definitions in a wide variety of topics and contexts. It'sconcise, clear, and comprehensive. Learn about related definitions,popular business definitions, and how to use business dictionaryterms in a sentence. Recent, favorite, and most popular definitionsare now cached for offline dictionary access.
Snappy 1.8
1400+ Ways to Make Your Photos and VideosFunAgain.Stuck with a tedious task, napping through a boring class,orjust waiting in line? Snappy to the rescue! Download our freesleekand easy to use app today. Here's what you get:* Over 1,400 captions for you and your friends to act out.Wedare you to run out of ideas.* Take a picture or make a short video? You decide.* Show off you artistic side with our filters: tweak andtinkeruntil it's perfect.* Don't be greedy, share your masterpieces with the worldusing#playsnappy.* Best of the best will be featured in our Hall of Fame gallery.Areyou up for a challenge?DISCLAIMER: While no users were harmed during the makingofSnappy, our elves recorded a clear pattern of emotionaloutbursts,"Dance for me puppets, dance" and "I'm the king of theworld" amongmany others. If you are experiencing this or any otherrelatedsymptom, please contact your friends immediately and pushthroughit together.