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Stylish Text Creator
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Stylish Text Creator is a new text styling anddecoration tool to restyle the normal text into Stylish Text. Thetext can be both stylize and decorated in order to look cool. Thetext can be decorated with more than 80 styles including thepirates style, sword style, bar code style, signal style and lotsmore. The Text Styler contains 15 unique text styling to make yourtext looks as cool as you.The App is compatible with almost all popular messenger apps.Therefore, you can use the text generated in the app as your statusin whats App or post a status update in Facebook. There are endlesspossibilities with this stylish text creator tool. The app iscurrently free and contains no ads.For helping us mantaining and updating this app at a regular basis,kindly buy the donate version at By Helping us downloading the donate version of the app, we willmake the app most suitable for you all. Thanks in advance.Please Provide Ratings, Feedback and Recommend our app if you likedit.Bugs / Error Reporting :For any bugs or error reporting, simply mail us .Website :
Wahe Guru Simran 1.0
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Wahe Guru Simran is a peaceful apps fordevotees of Satnam Shri Wahe Guruji. This app provides you with thedarshan of all the 10 Guru Sahib. Beautiful Chant of Satnam ShriWahe Guru makes your day and night peaceful.It says in the Guru Granth Sahib that through Simran one ispurified and attains salvation or 'mukti'. This is because 'si-mar'means 'to die over', thus indicating to death of ego, allowingtruth ultimate truth or sat to appear.On page 202 of the Guru Granth Sahib, Guruji writes:Meditating, meditating in remembrance, I have found peace.(simar simar sukh paa-i-aa.)This app has the following features :* Autosliding Image of the 10 Guru Sahib* Background Wahe Guru Simran* Works Offline* No Advertising
Gondia Police Samadhan 1.2
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This app will go long way in providing socialsecurity to women and children, controllingmovements of known criminals and most importantly it will providerequired help to thepeople especially from weaker section of the society.