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It's a place where everyone can find somethingthat interests and excites them.With the OK app, you can:– Stay in touch with your nearest and dearest– Call your friends free of charge– Post and edit photos– Load and watch the most interesting and trending videos– Listen to your favorite music and discover your friends' musicaltastes– Share emotions with your nearest and dearest through variousgifts– Keep up to date with all the news from your groups andparticipate in their discussions... and also follow holidays, play games, rate photos, comment onposts and topics, receive rewards and much, much more!
Мастерская подарков для OK.RU 1.0.7
«Мастерская подарков» поможет вам создаватьпотрясающие подарки для ваших родных и близких на Одноклассниках.Просто найдите подходящее изображение, загрузите его в «Мастерскуюподарков», добавьте нарядную рамочку или душевное пожелание — инеповторимый подарок готов!🙂 Поздравить с праздником🎂 C Днем Рождения!💘 Порадовать друга, любимую, родных, близких👰 С днем свадьбы!🌺 Скоро лето🐣 С пасхой🙂 Пожелать хорошего настроения"Workshop presents" willhelp you to create great gifts for your loved ones onOdnoklassniki. Just find a suitable image, upload it to the"Workshop presents", add elegant framed or mental desire - andunique gift is ready!         🙂congratulates         🎂 C HappyBirthday!         💘 pleaseothers, your favorite, relatives, friends         👰 Happywedding!         🌺 SoonSummer         🐣 HappyEaster         🙂 Wish goodmood
OK Live - video livestreams
OK Live – Watch livestream videos and followeverything that is going on around you! Share lifetime moments inreal time with friends and the whole world with the camera on yourmobile phone, without ads and for free. A weak signal is not anissue for streaming anymore! The app works on 4G/3G/2G/EDGE or WiFinetworks.Why OK Live?Watch livestreams anonymously, without registration and forfree.Create your own livestreams and use great filters to make yourbroadcast unique!Find the most spectacular livestreams and their recordings in the"Popular" section.Find livestreams from anywhere in the world on a map.Subscribe to popular users and receive notifications when they arestarting their livestreams.Livestreams and recordings, and their authors, are accessible byuser in search or on a map.At the end of the broadcast, a recording will be available forusers to view. Livestream recordings will be stored indefinitely,and the author can remove it at any time, if desired.Share livestreams on social networks, messengers and other apps onyour phone while broadcasting your moments or watchingothers.Livestreams can automatically be placed on your profile or in agroup on OK. Like it!