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Safe Browser is the most popular parentalcontrol app for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. This app is meant toreplace the default browser on your Android smartphone or tablet.An optional web or app dashboard allows you to monitor browsinghistory remotely and setup a custom internet filter across multipledevices in your family, school or business.APP MONITORING (New!)Mobicip's popular App Monitoring feature is now available onAndroid. Simply install the app and you will be able to keep an eyeon the apps installed on the device, all remotely from the webdashboard at FEATURED BROWSERBased on the powerful Mozilla-browser, Mobicip offers a rich andinteractive browser(beta) that is customized for smartphone and 7"or 10" tablets.AGE-BASED SETTINGSSet your filtering level at Elementary, Middle or High School, orat the 'No Filtering - Reports Only' level.REAL-TIME WEB FILTERINGThe app relies on a cloud-based filter that uses a combination ofenforced strict safe search, category database, and a dynamicfilter that scans every piece of content, in real-time.YOUTUBE FILTERINGThe filtering engine scans every YouTube video based on its title,description and metadata and blocks offensive videos alone.APP RESTRICTIONSGo to Settings > App Restrictions, and restrict other browsers(or any other apps) on the device. The Safe Browser should be theonly browser available.REMOTE ADMINISTRATIONThe app is enabled using a free or premium Mobicip account. Theaccount can be used to remotely administer the filtering from aweb-based dashboard.REMOTE MONITORINGThe app is enabled using a free or premium Mobicip account. Premiumaccounts can monitor the browsing history remotely from a web-baseddashboard.REMOTE MONITORING APPA Monitor app (available on iOS) allows remote monitoring andadministration from your personal iPhone, iPad, or iPodtouch.SUPPORTS ANY NETWORKBrowser enforces protection regardless of the network used - 3G,4G, LTE, WiFi, or other - for internet access.ONLINE TECHNICAL SUPPORT"The look, feel and performance are terrific. I have noticed nodifference between using this browser and the default browser usingboth 3G as well as WiFi." - Laertides"The icky possibilities of the internet are endless and if Santamanages to put an iPod Touch on his sleigh for my kids this will beone of the first apps that I install." - TheiPhoneMom.comAWARDS2013 Parents' Choice Awards2012 Tech & Learning Award of ExcellenceiOS App Store Top 100 For Over 4 YearsREVIEWS"I'm sold" - CNET"A Fabulous Product" - The iPhone Mom"Best App" - iPhone Apps Plus"Must Buy" - App Advice"Works Exactly Like Safari" - New York TimesMobicip LLC is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group offamily-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kidsand families.Recommended Ages: all, parentsCategories: Parents
Mobicip Monitor 1.0.34_r696M
Mobicip is the #1 parental control app forsmartphones, tablets and computers. Setup Mobicip on any supporteddevice or computer and use the Monitor (for free) and see whyhundreds of thousands of parents and administrators trust Mobicipto create a safe and secure environment for their family, school orbusiness.Mobicip Monitor is a companion app for parents and administratorsusing Mobicip to configure the settings and review the browsinghistory. All of this conveniently on your own Android phone!SETUP1. Setup Mobicip on iOS / Android phones and tablets, and Windows /Chromebook / Mac computers in your family.2. Download the Monitor app on the parent/administrator's Androidphone or tab.FEATURES- Review browsing activity remotely on your Android phone ortab*- Get notified when any website is blocked*- Block/unblock websites in history*- Modify the default filtering level- Review devices protected by your account- More features coming soon!(* Some features require the Premium upgrade)WHAT THEY SAY"I have been looking and looking for a product that would allow meto protect my children on the Iphone and Kindle. Thank you for thisproduct! "- Dane"Thank you!! I will be signing up for a Mobicip account soon, andtelling all my friends about it. You are the only people I havefound that can both filter/block/and send reports for the iPhone.Woo-hoo! "- Ann