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BusMaps Florianópolis 3.5
BusMaps is an app that shows information aboutthe bus lines of the city of Florianópolis. A map is used to showthe routes each lines does, and a table to show the departureschedules.You can like our page in Facebook! BusMaps you can:* Check the routes of each line in the city using a map.* See the departure schedules.* See an estimation about were each bus currently is.And it works offline! The departures updates are synchronizedwhen you are under a WiFi connection.The map data used in this app is provided by the OpenStreetMapproject, you can know more about it at
A Fuga de Pixuleco 1.1
A Fuga de Pixuleco é um jogo deplataforma,baseado em um antigo jogo para Atari, mas com umatemática atualonde você pode tomar controle do herói da nação queestá prestes aprender o Pixuleco!The Pixuleco Trail isaplatform game based on an old Atari game, but with a currentthemewhere you can take control of the nation hero who is about toholdthe Pixuleco!