Lakshmanan Anbalagan Apps

3D animation with OpenGLES 2.0
This OpenGL_ES application show what isrequired to create an OpenGL ES 2.0 program that runs a 3Danimation.
Enterprise Launcher 19.4
This is not a normal Launcher to design your Android device screen.This is Enterprise Launcher to install and maintain identicalicons, applications, wallpapers to minimum 2 - Maximum infinite(1000+) Android devices through Google cloud by using your Gmailaccount.Highly Technological, Google Cloud interface through Gmail ID,One-stop solution for your infinite Android devices, Identical homescreen and Identical Android application in you all Androiddevices.Galaxy Launcher features:+ Install and Uninstall Android application using your Gmail IDthrough Enterprise Launcher running with your Gmail ID+ Google SDK integration+ Storing your applications and Wallpapers in Google drive+ Customizable applications for all your Android devices+ Switch application optionOne-stop solution for your infinite Android devices:This Enterprise Launcher will install and update identicalWallpapers and applications in to all of your android devicesthrough Google cloud using your gmail.How to test Enterprise Launcher:1. Enterprise Launcher is running through Google cloud by yourGmail id2. We need mini 2 or more(1000+) android devices and follow thisinstructions with your 2 or all Android devices3. Switch "ON" wi-fi and Sign-in to your same Gmail id in your 2Android devices4. Install this application into your 2 Android devices from Googleplay and follow the instructions on the screen5. Now Enterprise Launcher will install Google drive applicationfrom Google play.6. Place your choice of application from Hot seat (bottom centericon) in your one device and the new application automaticallyplaced on your second devices.7. Press and hold any place on your devices screen and select yourwall paper and the wall paper will be installed in to your seconddevice automatically with in 20 seconds.8. Now we can monitor this Enterprise Launcher data's in your Gmailaccount. Log-in your Gmail id in any computer and,txt we can switch to Default or other Launcher from EnterpriseLauncher :1. Press home button on your devices and select your launcher orPress Hot seat and look for Switch app icon and press Switchapp.What is red-color cross icon in your other Androiddevices?Red-color cross icon - indicates new application coming from cloudand press to installRed-color cross icon means, this is new application for thatparticular devices and press the red-color cross icon toautomatically install that application from Google play.when you place any application in to your first Android devices, itwill automatically push the installed app to other devices throughGoogle cloud by using your gmail id. if the new application notexist in your second Android device, it will be treated as newapplication and create Red-color cross icon.
Quick Settings 2.0
This application provides quick access enableor disable to system settings via a single configurable view. Thisapplication is displaying and monitoring system settings in singleview.Quickly turn on/off settings (such as Airplane, Bluetooth, GPS, 3G,Brightness, ect...) in a single screen.☆ Commns settings: to change WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, Airplane,etc....☆ Brightness: to change Brightness☆ ScreenTimeout: to change Screen Time out
Overlay Library Demo 1.0
An Overlay Library Demo is to take an existingAndroid application you may have in your library and invoking avery simple "overlay" View/layer/screen like this application demo.An Overlay Library Demo is an extra layer that sits on top of aView (the "host view") which is drawn after all other content inthat view (including children, if the view is a ViewGroup).Interaction with the overlay layer is done by adding and removingdrawables.
Location Finder 1.0
Location Finder is light weight applicationforbeginners. Its very user friendly. Even user can find outlocationthrough post code.
Social Network Album Viewer 1.0
Social Network Album Viewer iscurrentlysupporting to view your photos in the following SocialNetworkaccounts.1. Picasa2. Google+3. Instagram4. Dropbox5. Google Grive6. Flicker and7. Camera Gallery photosLogin needed for secured photo viewing.
Currency Converter 3.0
A very useful widget to easilycalculatecurrency conversions between more than 200 worldcurrencies.Main features are:1. Automatically updated exchange rates2. Support all the traded currencies of the world