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King of Booze: Drinking App 2.7.9
Most of our development days were spent inunsanitary college dorms surrounded by cheap vodka and violentladies but we endured it all. The result of our noble sacrifice isthe best drinking game for any party!King of Booze will fix all of your party starting problems, evenboring people!There are over 120 challenges in the game, this includesactivities such as:- slapping faces- licking faces- drawing on faces- nudity- general stupidity- sharpie tattoos- social media shaming- bunch of "I wish I've never done that"- getting physicalIf you're feeling extra creative you can put up to 500 customchallenges in the game. So all of your fetishes and other peculiarbehaviors can be entered manually before the party. Meaning you canpretend your challenges came with the game (just blame us).You and your friends are always given a choice between doing ashot and doing a challenge, let the mind games begin!Key features FREE version:- Up to 6 players- 120+ challenges and choices- 3 game modes- 2 alcotests- 10 cute avatarsFull game features:- Up to 14 players- Up to 500 custom challenges- 2 board layouts- 28 super cute avatars- 3 game modesPlease drink responsibly.
Pet Bots 1.6.1
Pet Bots is an arcade runner game withchallenges and levels. Guide the Pet Bots on their noble journeyfor a better tomorrow. Help them them pass the test of agility byavoiding spikes and getting crushed.Oh no! People over the world played too much ENERGY CONSUMING VIDEOGAMES. There is no electricity left! PET BOTS are coming to therescue of the human race. Take control of the Pet Bots and show theworld what they can do.Pet Bots features:- TRIUMPH over 60 thumb breaking CHALLENGES with plenty more tocome- CUSTOMIZE your JETS to help you finish even the hardestchallenges- RETURN THE LIGHTS to each part of the city and deal with theunfortunate consequences of your actions- BUILD your collection of Pet Bots- ENDURE over 70 LETHAL OBJECT formations- ENJOY stunning sci-fi, futuristic setting HAND DRAWN by SergeiUsatov- EXPERIENCE innovative THROWING controls- Original DOUBLE PHYSICS (water + gravity)- Easy to learn, HARD to master- CLIMB the LEADERBOARD and stalk your friends and foes- Use FACEBOOK to bring along your friends for the ride. Help themor LOCK HORNS with them. The choice is yours!- TAKE CONTROL of various cats, aliens, pets and robotsPet Bots is completely FREE to play, the in–game currency can bepurchased with real money but it's NOT REQUIRED to advance in thegame (NOT PAY TO WIN).Like the game? Like us on Facebook
Drink or Doom: Drinking Game 1.4.0
Drink or Doom is a drinking game placed in acomic book setting. Gather your friends (up to 12 players), getsome beer, whisky, shots, absinthe, gasoline or whatever youusually drink and start the night with a blast. Drink or doom isplayed without cards or props.The game has around 50 challenges that include mild violence,nudity (so choose wisely who you play with), stupidity, publicshame, destroying your reputation, "I wish I've never done that"and other fun activities. If you're feeling extra creative you canput up to 500 custom challenges in the game. So "kiss a dog", "puta finger in it" and other specific challenges will have to beentered manually (don't worry it only takes 10 seconds).Your choices will effect your night, we won't make you do anythingyou don't want to.How to play:0. Press game icon to start it1. Choose your character and enter your name2. Start the game3. Commence Super Awesome Fun times!!!4. Wake up, sober up5. Wait for the next weekend to do it all over again.O/I\ - This is you before Drink or DoomI/\>-----------O - This is you after Drink or Doom (yes you lostboth arms and you grew few inches)
Star Doge: Weird Game 1.6.0
Star Doge is a different kind of doge game,some call it weird, some say that it's simply bizarre, but we loveit just the way it is. It consists of infinite space filled withover 150.000 messages. Find a place that suits you, leave a messageand it forever remains there. While you fly around you can seemessages other users left before you.You're a doge stuck in space, fly around until you expressyourself.Completely anonymous, we don't track IDs, IPs, or anything elsethat can lead back to you.
WCW Anonymous Texting Game 1.6.0
Explore the funny, dirty, witty,inspirational, cynical minds of thousands of people in this NEVERDONE BEFORE social experiment/pseudo-multi-player/messageboard/public toilet wall in space GAME.Word Cloud World (application) is an improved version of theoriginal Word Cloud World that you can access at you need to know about the original:1. Messages are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS, we have no data on anythingexcept what you write.2. Messages are seen by EVERYONE who finds them.3. We censor NOTHING, whatever is written will stay there,forever.Users used Word Cloud World to write their life motto, messagesomeone, hide from the NSA, share their love, advertise theirprojects, Youtube channels, Steam, PSN accounts, break the recordsin the travel distance, leave messages for themselves, createsecret anti-spam cities and much more! They pretty much emptiedtheir souls in our space.We also added some bonuses the website doesn't have! You canincrease your ship's speed to 4 times the original which providesyou faster traveling around the chaotic space of Word Cloud World.You can even teleport to coordinates which allows you to explorethe edges of space!Like the game and feel free to send your screenshots, love, hateand suggestions at our little game dev team at: