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Cellica Database(Wi-Fi) Forms
Read & Write to any desktop side databaseWirelessly with your Android Phone/Tablet(using local WiFi, VPN orUSB/WiFi Tethering). Changes on device and any modifications indesktop database can synchronize wirelessly and instantly, so youwill always have the most current information at yourfingertips.Download & install desktop software on windows based PC fromthe following link.http://www.cellica.com/DownloadforWiFi.htmlWhat our clients says:http://www.cellica.com/Testimonials.htmlFeatures:• No changes require in existing database design for syncingdirectly with database, which helps it be the easiest, mostuser-friendly solution available.• View and update data on device, which will reflect to Serverdatabase immediately while in network.• Supports offline access to data and Changes will be synchronizedlater once network is available.• Synchronize Table/View or Stored Procedure of yourdatabase.• Only the changed data is synchronized in compressed and encryptedformat, resulting in reduced wireless data traffic and improvesbattery life of the devices.• “Change Detection Logic” searches only updated data in desktopdatabase and send it to device. Also Sync Server receives andsynchronizes records collected/updated on device to desktopdatabase.• No record or size limit. It depends on space available ondevice’s internal memory(/SD card).• Use SQL Select queries, Filters and Sorts to refine specific dataset.• Supported Databases: Microsoft Access(*.mdb,*.accdb)(97 andonwards), Microsoft Excel(*.xls,*.xlsx)(97 & onwards), Oracle,SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FoxPro, dBase, R:BASE,Sybase,FileMaker Pro, Firebird & any ODBC Compliant RelationalDatabase.• Password protection for Profiles/Forms(SOHO/Enterprise Edition)& Application.• Make a phone call for the selected field's numericcontents.• Find and Find again option to search a record.• Data is secured as 128 bit AES use for Encryption.• Support Unicode language database such asJapanese/Chinese/German/ Russian etc.• Transfer data to SD Card or Main memory.• Supports Multi Record and Single Record View as default views forDatabase Profile on device.• Supports Form: Design Custom user interface using simple and easyto use form builder interface.• Design form on desktop with Label, TextBox, Button, Checkbox,Radio button, Combobox, DateTime, Page, Container, Location andShape controls.• Design a master/detail form or a parent/child form using subformcontrol.• Synchronize Image/Signature/PDF data with desktop database.• Supports Time/Stamp feature to find when user update particularrecord.• Supports Barcode Scan using inbuilt camera/External BluetoothBarcode Scanner.• Use Print functionality on forms.• Create form in Portrait/Landscape modeExtra Features for SOHO/Enterprise Edition• Set permissions for each users like Add/Edit/Delete records foreach “Database Profile” and Sync Permissions to specify one waysync or both way sync to Control device side records updatescapabilities for individual users.• NFC Scan.• Macro Programming feature.• Graphs(Pie, Bar,Cluster,Stack,Area,Line).User Guide:http://www.cellica.com/AndroidCellicaDatabaseWiFiUserGuide.pdfDevice side is free to download. User needs to purchase desktopsoftware after 10 days evaluation period. Cost of desktop softwareis $39.99Purchase the full version software from the following link.http://www.cellica.com/WiFi.htmlQuick steps for initial synchronization setting between desktop anddevice.http://www.cellica.com/CellicaDatabase_Desktop_Android_SyncSettings.pdfIf you are using Firewall on your computer,please add port inFirewall from following path.Control Panel-> Windows Firewall-> Exceptions(Tab)-> Hereuse "Add Port" button,you will get "Add a port" dialog.Add whatever name you want to give this port information in "Name"Text field and Add "8585" in "Port number" text box.Please confirm that "TCP" option is selected.
US Army Body Fat % Calculator 1.0
Calculates Body Fat Percentage with the helpof rules applied in U.S. Army standards set forth in AR 600-9.Features:1.Save and Load calculations2.Keep track of your body measurements3.Know your status: Overweight or normal4.Know how much body fat you need to lose or gainFixed the bug of 2 calculation after purchase.