Bradley C. Grimm Apps

Slap the Mosquito
Slap the Mosquito is a game of tapping forkids. Mosquitos fly onto the screen and around your pet monkey. Youmust protect him from harm by smashing them as quickly as possible.While they may look small and cute, they are on the attack.Features include:- Multiple game modes for kids and adults.- Travel to six unique states.- Battle against six types of raging mosquitos.- Smash them by tapping on them, but be quick.- Be careful not to squash the butterflies or dragonflies.- Play all levels for free (with ads), or remove the ads for asmall fee.
King Titan's Smash
The King of Monsters needs your help! Helphimsmash the world. This is an epic free game of grand proportions.In this good game, the Monster King is traveling the world,butruthless humans will chase him and attack him along the way.KingTitan is a friendly monster, so you will need to help himsurviveby smashing helicopters, zeppelins, and humans! While theymakelook tiny, if enough of their mechanics amass you will have agreattime dealing with them.This is a smash adventure game. Help the Monster King so hecantravel to the world’s biggest cities. See the world andthebeautiful sights of New York, Hong Kong, London and more asthehumans get more dangerous with different vehicles and weapons.Butdon’t lose steam if the first levels appear easy, each stagegetsmore and more difficult. You may need the help of all tenfingersto smash your way to victory in this game.The chase is on, with so many stages this game will keepyouentertained for hours. Play through all six citiescompletely*free* with ads, or ad-free for cheap. Perfect for kidswho lovetapping the screen like crazy, or for parents need a fewminutes ofsmashing their boredom aside.You will come across a variety of cities, and you will gettosmash helicopters, zeppelins, ufos, and even human’s injetpacks.Can the titan destroy them? Only you know.Don’t let King Titan down!