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Traffic Police e-Challan 1.5
This app shows you the status of e-challan'sif any are generated on your vehicle. You can also pay the pendingchallans through this app.Disclaimer: This app is just for informational purpose. We arenot responsible for any information displayed here. RespectiveState Police Department wholly owns the right of the informationdisplayed here.
The Hindu News 2.4
This app is targeted to the users who want tohave a glance at the top happenings round the world.It gives you the latest news updates sourced from The Hindu roundthe clock.You can share the interesting news with your friends with a singletap.You can switch the themes.Disclaimer: This is not an official app of The Hindu. we displayinformation from the RSS feed of The Hindu. All the information isowned by The Hindu and we are not responsible for any informationpublished here.
Tirupati Tirumala Information 2.5
This app will assist pilgrims coming fromvarious corners of the world.Our app helps you in knowing the information about the variousthings in and around Tirupati and TirumalaOur app provides the following information:Darshan in TirumalaAccomodation in TirumalaSevas in TirumalaContact details of TirumalaTTD InformationAccomodation and Hotel booking in TirupatiDevotional places in and around TirupatiRecreational spots in tirupatiList of good RestaurantsCinemas in Tirupatilatest TTD NewsLot more to come....Disclaimer: TTD reserves the right to change timings / Cancel Sevas/ Change entry points. We are not responsible for any suchchanges.We value your feedback. Please rate us!
PNR Status Enquiry 1.0
Check Indian Railway PNR status with a simpleand attractive user interface.Retrieve the train name, boarding point and train timings alongwith the seat allotment details.
Flash Light 1.3
This Flash light app lets you lit up yoursurroundings with minimal battery usage.
Price Comparison 1.3.0
This app will be really helpful to you if youwould like to check the price of a product in different shoppingwebsites in India. If you are an International consumer and wantsto gift an item for your best buddies in India , you can make apurchase through this app and you can get it delivered to them.We provide comparison of prices for a product from the followingwebsitesFlipkartEbayAmazonHomeshop18InfibeamSnapdealCromaTradusIndiatimesShopcluesZoominRediffSaholicThemobilestoreUnivercellYou can check the price of a single product or you can browsethrough the catalog of products. We were providing pricinginformation for around 50 categories of products. HappyShopping!More Categories coming soon!Notice: We are retrieving the prices information who in turn is retrieving the prices fromall leading e-commerce stores. This information is provided on abest effort basis by refreshing the databases at frequentintervals. However Aspire Apps / PriceCheckIndia cannot guaranteethe accuracy of that as information tends to change very rapidly.Please refer to the product catalog at the respective stores forreal time information.Credits to and devart websites for the templates andPSD files.If you like this app, please rate us . We love yourfeedback.
The Hindu Top Stories 1.0
This app is targeted to the users who want to have a glance atthetop happenings round the world.It gives you the latest news updates sourced from The Hinduroundthe clock.
Bank Interest Calculator 1.2
Calculate Maturity Amounts for Fixed Depositsand Recurring Deposits.Compounding Features is also present.
Mumbai Local Trains Time Table 1.2
This is the app to view the Mumbai localtrain/Local suburban train timings.
Pan & Aadhaar Status Check 1.0
With this app you can checkPan Card StatusAadhaar Card StatusAadhaar seeding / linking statusPlease rate us. We love your feedback.
Indian Stock Market News 1.3
Get Real time updates of financialinformationGet details aboutCorporate ActionsBoard MeetingsFinancial ResultsOnline AnnouncementsCircularsEvery day ReportsPlease rate us. Your feedback means more than anything to us.
Lalitha Sahasranamam Lyrics 1.5
Lalita Sahasranama is a text from BrahmandaPurana. It is a sacred text to the Hindu worshippers of the GoddessLalita Devi, i.e. the Divine Mother or Goddess Durga, in the form,Shakti. Lalitha is the Goddess of bliss, an epithet for Shiva'swife Goddess Parvati. Etymologically, "Lalitha" means "She WhoPlays". In the root form (vyutpatti), the word "Lalitha" means"spontaneous" from which the meaning "easy" is derived andimplicitly extends to "play".
Maha Lakshmi Ashtotharam 1.0
Maha Lakshmi Ashtothara Satha Namavaliappgives you the good spirit and wealth
Govinda Namalu with Lyrics 1.2
Listen to Govinda Namavali with good soundquality. You have the option to view lyrics in multi language -Telugu, English and Tamil.You can set it as Alarm to play daily at your favorite time.Please share your feed back to serve you better.
Stotram Of Ashta Lakshmi 1.0
Ashtalakshmi Stotram is one of the stotramofGoddess Lakshmi.Please provide your valuable feedback.
Siva Stotras 1.5
Recite the Siva Stotras to receive theblessings of Lord Siva.1.lingastakam2.Dwadasa jothirlingam3.Bilwastakam4.Ashtotharam5.siva Thandavam6.mruthumjaya maha mantram7.ashtothara sata nama stotram8.sivapanchakshari9.sivastakam10.siva gayathriGood Sound quality with lyrics available in English andTelugu
Stotram Of Mahishasura Mardini 1.1
Dusshera won't be there without thissong.Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram is a famous song for Dasara orDeviNavarathrulu. It feels good to listen this song.Please feel free to provide your valuable feedback.
Hanuman Chalisa HD Audio 1.1
Listen to the famous songs of Hanuman in HDQuality along with Lyrics in Telugu and EnglishHanuman ChalisaAnjaneya DhandakamHanuman Ashtotthara SathanamavaliPlease Rate us if you like this app!
Venkateswara Stotram 1.0
Kamala kucha chuchuka kumkumatho is thefamousvenkateswara Stotram that can be recited daily to enhanceyourspiritual mood.It is one of the best devotional song.Please provide your valuable feedback.
All About Obama 1.0
This app provides the updates aboutAmericanPresident Barack Obama.
Telugu News 1.4
Get Latest updates around the world in Telugu.There are various sections that you can browse through likeLatest NewsCinema NewsMovie ReviewsSportsBusinessStar DiaryLaw Tips andBeauty TipsThis is an exclusive app for all telugu people all around theworld!Please share your feedback and rate me if you like the app.Disclaimer: This app gets data from Google News .To help telugu people to get latest updates inTelugu, we took content from various websites. We are notresponsible for the content provided here.The content displayedhere are the Intellectual property of the companies that we tookfrom.
My Horoscope 1.1
Provides Daily, weekly, Monthly andYearlyHoroscope.Disclaimer: Information provided in app is for informationpurposesonly. Don't depend completely on it.
Annamayya Sankeerthanas Telugu 1.0
Listen to Annamayya SongsAdivo AlladivoAntharyamiAsmadeeyaBramha Kadigina PadamuDachuko Nee PadaalakuEle Ele MaradalaaEmakoGovindaasrithaKalaganti KalagantiKondalalo NelakonnaMoosina MuthyalakeNanati BathukuNigama NigamaanthaPadaharu KalakuPalanethraluPodagantimayyaSobhanme SobhanameTelugu PadanikiVinaro BhagyamuVinnapalu Vinavale
Aditya Hrudayam 1.2
The Aditya Hridayam, is a hymn inglorification of the Sun or Surya and was recited by the great sageAgastya to Lord Rama on the battlefield before fighting withRavana.The app has been created with the intention of making it easier forchildren and adults equally, to learn traditional slokas (verses)and includes audio with lyrics.The app is available for free. If you find this app useful, we seekyour support, for our development of similar apps by giving a 5start rating for our app.
OM Jaya Jagadeesha Hare 1.0
Lord Vishnu's sacred Song Jaya JagadeeshaHareby Anuradha paudwal
Ganesh Bhajans - HD Audio & Lyrics 1.2
This App contains famous collection of GaneshSongs/Bhajans.songs like1.Eakadantaya vakrathundaya2.Ganesha kavacham3.Sankata Hara Stotram4.Ganesha Bhujangam5.Ganesha Pancharatnam6.Dwadashanama Stotram7.Om Gan Ganapataye8.Ashtotthara Satha Nama Stotram9.Ashtotthara Satha Namavali
Gayatri Mantra 108 Times 1.0
Gayatri Mantra with HD Audio
Sri Suktham - HD Audio Lyrics 1.0
Sri Suktham in HD Audio and Lyrics inTeluguand English