Andriy Pidvirnyy Apps

Fruit Slasher 3D 1.0.5
Wondering how to chop some fruits on your smartphone? Easy!This amusing game will stretch your fingers with fun. You need toslice thrown up in the air apples, bananas, kiwis and other fruitsjust in time to prevent them from falling down untouched.But be careful and don’t mess with the hamster!
Sprint Driver 1.0.5
Full concentration on the road, the excitementand sense of danger on great speed – that’s what offers a newracing game Sprint Driver. You’ll have to ride on three differentlocations: the usual urban highway, dry desert path and snowymountain road. To ride each of them you will need to have aspecific bike which can be bought for collected coins. Try to holdon the road as long as possible and not hit the obstacles or othervehicles. Especially watch out for the police, which won’t let yourelax even for a minute.Sprint Driver is an exciting endurance racing game with beautifuldesign and awesome gameplay, which can make happy absolutely everyhigh speed fan.32bd8cdb3a
Crazy Car Driver 1.0.2
In this exciting game you will getextremelyhigh speed, incredible tracks and a lot ofadrenaline.Five highspeed cars, a variety of routes and dangerous policewillnot let you relax even for a second.Choose car you'd like and show all your skills!